First days in Japan

Finally I'm able to share my experience....
sorry for spamming your F-list

I won a place for a MEXT (This is ministry of Education in Japan) scholarship....and I came here for 2 years as a research student (you can apply for PhD also - but it's 3 years)....

everything is great. The sun is shining, the birds are singing... the cherry treas are marvelous....and the word I can describe it is patience.... for you have to have a lot of patience for getting : alien registration (it's easy, simple, but it takes time), bank account (just as the registration), national health insurance (vital, they asked for that more than the alien registration, but also it takes time), student card........and so on and on..... The funny thing is I managed to do it for 2 days, even got a phone (and this was really lonnnnnng - it took more than 2 hours for all the papers to be filled, and I knew what I wanted and the plans and everything, just the proceeding ... takes time.....)......But finally getting all this I was able to send my application for JFC... :) hope in a month or two I'll be a member..... :)

But let me just say that I'm in Kyoto, and here everything is calm, and the shops are full, there is no electricity problem, no food or water problem..... I'll go to Tokyo and share some more....
well - I think it's enough for the start.
Here are some pictures I took these 2 days.... :) (I'm proud with the last one :))

and just a little add - here is a friend of mine description of her time in Tokyo (we came in Japan at the same time), and contrary to me she has an extremely good writing skills and she is amazing at the descriptions :

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